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Q: Which is the closest airport to the convention?

A: Zadar is the nearest airport, which is about 15 minutes away by taxi or airport shuttle. Taxis are easily available at the airport for regular transfers.

Q: What currency do I need?

A: As of January 1st, 2023 Croatia uses Euros. 

Q: What cash machines / ATMs are okay to use?

A: Steer well clear of EURONET machines. They are very expensive and deliberately confusing to use for the user. Try and stick to the local bank machines which include Erste, PBZ, Zagrebacka, Raiffesein, and Addiko.

QL How hot is it on the coast of Croatia in June?

A: The average summer temperature is 24 degrees, although you can expect temperatures to reach the high 20s/30’s. Make sure you drink lots of water, wear sun cream, and protect yourself from over-exposure to the sun.

Q: What’s the time difference in Croatia?

A: Croatia is in the Central European Time Zone, 1 hour ahead of British Summer Time!

Q: How much are calls going to be in Croatia if I use my UK phone?

A: Depending on which network you are with and what call plan you have the costs will vary. Now that Croatia is a fully-fledged member of the EU many providers will have special add-ons so be sure to check out offers that are available from your provider such as Vodafone passport, EE (which has free calls and texts), and other bolt-on plans that will considerably reduce your charges abroad.

Q: Is it safe to drink the tap water in Croatia?

A: Yes, the tap water in Croatia is perfectly drinkable.

Q: Will there be vegetarian and vegan meals available at the festival?

A: We don’t organise any food vending on location so it’s down to the discretion of the local businesses. But don't panic, they’ll most likely be vegetarian options.

Q: How much will food and drink cost me in Croatia?

A: Shops are obviously a fair bit cheaper for all the daily essentials and expect to pay roughly £6 - £10 for a meal out in Trogir, a bit less for fast food meals.

Q: How do I order a taxi at the convention?

A: There are many local taxis available and UBER operates in Zadar. We would suggest UBER.

Q: Do I need to carry I.D at all times in Croatia?

A: Just in case, we would suggest that you always have some type of photographic identification on your person i.e. a passport or driving licence. The police always request I.D at the roadside and traffic stops can be quite common in the summer season. Don't panic, unlike a lot of nations, the police are friendly enough in Croatia so just be polite and you will soon be on your way. 

Q: Is there any other way to travel instead of flying?

A: Yes, coaches are used quite regularly to get to Croatia.  It would be an idea to break this road trip up  as it can be in excess of 24 hours. Maybe stop off at a city en-route and do some sight seeing! 

Our top tips for coach travel are:

  • Pack plenty food and drink

  • Bring a blanket & your travel pillow

  • Portable Phone Chargers are a must

  • Don’t forget you still need your passport.

Q: Can I drive my car from the UK (or other countries) to Croatia?

A: Of course! Several of our members have done this amazing road trip so let us know if you are thinking of doing this and we can advise.

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